7 Best Easy Tips To Fight Dog Cancer

Dog cancer is an awful experience. Our canine friends are more than pets. They are one of our close ones. The kind of being you can spend time conversing with and not feel judged. They are also loyal and protective. Hence, the sadness and crippling effect health threats in our dogs can have on us. I know this to be true after I almost lost my pet Lois to food poisoning.

One thing that happens in such occasion is losing hope. We bury ourselves in the negative facts of the situation that we deem the door of hope too far to pursue. The question is: is that what you should be doing? No. Far from it. What you should be doing is continue to fight. Below I have highlighted some practical ways you can keep fighting and give your canine the opportunity he or she needs to conquer the monster called cancer:

1. Be Emotionally Ready

What I do when any of my dogs get sick, aside from entering a state of hysteria, is to visualize the health challenge as a villain trying to take my friend down. That gives me the emotional boost to explore the different options available. You should do the same. Don’t sit back or embark on this journey with a failed mentality. Cancer cannot always win. With the tips I have gathered, you and your dog have more chances of winning!

2. Keto Diet For Dogs Works Wonders

Since the discovery of Keto Diet, lots of wonders have come from it. Just as much as it benefits us, humans, it benefits our pets. The first step to take after discovering your canine has dog cancer is to change his or her diet. A ketogenic diet for dogs is your best option! You can work out the plan with your vet, but it should observe the working principle of KetoPet Sanctuary. One, the edible should contain 80 to 90% of fat. You can get this from MCT, coconut, or Olive. Two, the protein should contribute 5 to 15 percent of the food. Your protein source could be beef for high-quality amino acid. And thirdly, it should own 5% of carbohydrate coming from vegetables.

Cancer monsters, both in human and animal love sugar, glucose. With glucose powering the body, it aids them to multiply rapidly. While our anatomy can choose a secondary source of energy, neoplastic cells cannot. That’s where Keto diet is our knight in shining armor to eradicate these harmful cells. Ketogenic dog food forces the body to switch from glucose as its fuel to glycerol derived from fats.

The cancer cells in your canine can’t thrive in a body powered by glycerol. Hence, when you switch your pet diet to a keto dog food, you are practically slowing or terminating the growth of neoplastic cells.

Most times I hear people who have read of Keto diet discrediting it due to its adverse effects. I have conduct research on the topic and have found it to do more good than harm. The side effects are minimal and tolerable. With the guidance of your vet, you can work out a diet that works for your canine.

3. Chemo and Surgery

Conventional chemo and surgery is another option you could work with. Though expensive, it could resolve the issue for your canine. With the assistance of your vet oncologist, you can tackle the tumor cells in your dog. The drugs administered will target the malignant cells and kill them. The only issue that can result from this solution is that the vile villain could come back to life! That is, after spending close to $30,000 for both procedures. Yes, it is that expensive, and the size of your dog adds to the price. However, the chance of the tumor cells not returning still exist. So, you might want to go for it.

4. Avoiding Toxin Is A Good Practice

Your dog is sick, and you wouldn’t want to do things that will worsen his or her condition. I know this to be true. However, when you utilize materials that house poisonous chemicals around your canine, you are doing just that. To ensure that your dog doesn’t get in contact with toxins, you should empty your home, yard, and surroundings of these harmful products. Things like his or her shampoo, your lawn fertilizers, pesticides and a few others may contain harsh chemicals. If they do, it is time for a change. Go for tools, products, and accessories that are more bio-friendly. You can always buy a biopesticide for your yards and shampoos that are mild.

Don’t surround your cancer dog with PVC materials. I know we have some PVC dog products. While they might have you fascinated, remember that PVC is a carcinogen, a great promoter of tumor cells. Also, remove materials with the following chemicals: paraben, phthalate, and sulfate. They are all carcinogens.

Smoke is another toxin you need to keep away from your dogs. That’s both for those who aren’t suffering from cancer malady. The fumes that come from your automobile and cigarette can severely harm your pet. Mostly, the sick one. The closer it is to their nostrils the worse the situation gets. The father it is, the better.

5. Oxygen Or Ozone Therapy Is Worth Considering

Ozone therapy is not like Keto diet for dogs or Neoplasene, but it can help you tackle several kinds of cancers in your dog. These tumor cells don’t like oxygen. Hence, they won’t thrive in an environment with high levels of oxygen. Also, there is little to no side effects in this health practice. From the response of your canine, like coughing, the vet doctor knows its time to stop. However, it can assist you in taking care of inflammation, improving the immune system, among a few others.

6. She Or He Needs More Exercise Than Before

Now that you have learned of your dog’s health challenge, you might relent in her or his workouts activities. Wrong move. Voltage, which is the electricity in a healthy cell is critical for the recovery of your canine friend. You don’t get it by forcing him or her to rest. No. You get it by encouraging her or him to go out some more, to jump, use her or him reflexes, runaround. With a healthy exercise, you aid your dog to rebuild her muscles. That stops her from looking fragile and being depressed.

Also, we all know that workouts promote our immune systems. That’s the same for dogs, if not more. With a 20 miles a day workout scheduled for your dog, you encourage healthy cells. You keep her or him out of the traps of depression. And, you help her or him to sleep better.

Perhaps, your canine has issues moving. That shouldn’t stop you. There are productive methods to aid mobility. One of these methods is biomodulator. It helps both man and animals to relief pain and recovers movements. It is affordable too! So, you might want to read on it.

7. It’s Time To Grow More Caring

I know for every pet lover, at this kind of moment when your pet is ill, you grow more emotional. I do too, scared even. That’s good. They need it. Help her or him enjoy a comfortable life. Speak to her or him in a lively and comforting manner. Always show positivity and mean it! Tell her encouraging words. She or he hears you. Also, surround her or him with fun toys and the tunes she or he loves. While at that, try to ensure that your canine leads a less stressful life at these moments.

As a bonus. More like as an essential knowledge some of us canine lovers should be aware of, below I have listed the symptoms that come with cancer. That way, you and I can identify the threat wherever we see it.

  • An abnormal swelling that doesn’t recede or that continues to grow
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Infections or wounds that do not heal
  • They emit an offensive odor
  • They lose appetite
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Reluctance to exercise
  • Loss of stamina
  • Some part of their body becomes stiff
  • They grow lame
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Difficulty in defecating
  • Urinating is a problem.


When you see these symptoms, in your canine or your friend’s the wise thing to do is check with your vet. Let’s know if it is time to grab our cancer guns.


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