7 Myths About Protein Source In Dog Food

One thing about us, dog owners, is that we want to see Jimmy or Penny for a long time. We want them around, giving those puppy eyes, going a bit aggressive on intruders, giving a sense of security and more. Hence, everything regarding our pets is among the top priority. That includes dog food too!

So, for more than a decade now, there are lots of myths going on regarding high protein dog food. It’s high time we revisited them and learn of new ways to stay clear from any health challenge that we could be causing our canines indirectly.


Why Should You Revisit These Myths?

With years come more time to conduct the research we need. Through it, we can better comprehend the reasons behind these myths. That will allow us to make an informed decision when going for the best dog food for our canine friends. It will also assist us in promoting their life’s during home meal preparation. Now let’s look at new ways to pound some myths to dust!


1. Enzyme Inhibitors Are In White Eggs

One of the concerns around eggs is the issue of enzyme inhibitors. As the story goes, the white egg owns inhibitors that can disrupt digestion in both old and young canines. While that is true for some dogs, it isn’t for others. What you should do is add eggs once in a while to see if your pet friend has the same issues. You can also go for the better option of offering it to him or her raw! It is even more healthy so.


2. Stay Away Avidin Is In There!

If you have owned a dog for long or stayed close to someone who owns one, you should know about this. The fear of you doing something that causes your canine to be biotin deficient. Avidin is a biotin inhibitor. It preys on your dog’s vitamin B., And that affects your canine’s skin, her coat, her fat metabolism, and her cellular growth.

The funny thing concerning this story is that the quantity of avidin in the white of an egg is so little. It will take a whole lot of eggs to get a significant impact. Also, the yoke of the egg is so rich in biotin that it won’t even show after much consumption. So, the way out here is to feed your canine with whole egg. To be safer, you can go with feeding him or her raw eggs.


3. People Food Causes Dogs To Misbehave

The phobia of giving our canine “human food” is funny. I don’t have such fear. I feed my dogs the same thing I eat so long as it won’t affect them negatively. Both Lois and Seaman don’t misbehave. I have trained them to not steal from my counter through the usual owner-to-pet reaction. You can do the same. It saves you money and promotes your pet’s health. Why? Because most of those pet protein source food you buy have junks mixed. Read the label for ingredients. Plus, they still house the chicken breast, fish, beef, or lamb you place on your counter. The same thing you term “human food!”


4. A Raw Dog Food Is Not Balanced

Another supporter of the “people food, dog food” course is this story. When you purchase your new pet from the vet and consider the feeding plan, big pet food firms step in. You hear things like raw meat diets aren’t the best way to go because they won’t provide your canine with all it needs. That’s a strong fallacy, a medium for sales to continue.

The truth is, preparing a raw organic dog food for your dog is quick, more nutritious, and less expensive. It also promotes the health of your canine, and limit the absorption of those unneeded ingredients. Plus, you don’t make your dog meal meat only. There should be other contents like bones, vegetables, and other sources of fatty acids. All these join together in keeping Jimmy or Penny healthy and happy!


5. Don’t Go Salmonella Is In There!

Another hit on organic dog food is the Salmonella threat. Bacteria have been part of the reasons pet owners stay away from raw meat diets. For several decades now past, we have heard that these raw products come with bacteria that can harm our canine. The truth is our dogs aren’t as delicate as cats in what they can or cannot eat. Their digestive system can handle many bacteria. Also, they do have a high acidic stomach to keep away harmful substance like salmonella. So, what you should be worried about is products like kibble which may have contaminants.

To stand on the safe ground, when you go out to purchase your raw meats, buy from reputable retailers, store them, and use them in a clean environment to promote hygiene.


6. The Antibiotics Scare In Chicken And Other Livestock

The issue of conventional and organic chicken taking antibiotics and that affecting the meals of both dog and man still runs. For the sake of preserving our health, in Europe, the administration saw to one class of antibiotics banned. That happened in the year 2000. Guess what? There has been no significant difference since then. In fact, the condition of livestock has worsened in the region. These medications are what keeps these animals healthy. What you should do is boil the meat for like 10 minutes to get the antibiotics off. Alternatively, you can go for products you are sure are organic.


7.  The Gluten Nightmare In Fish And Meat

The sad truth is that gluten is not for all dogs. I know this to be true. Some dogs are gluten tolerant; others aren’t. What makes it worse is that some pet food comes with different kinds of gluten: corn gluten, wheat gluten, and a few others. There are stories of salmon dog food having gluten in it. That is because it is among those animals popularly raised on farms.

Most of the farm fishes have gluten, antibiotics, and other nasties in them. That’s the result of their owners attempt to keep them healthy. The irony.

Even meat products we buy that the animal dined on wheat or other gluten-contained edibles are likely to have that. Also, results from several types of research have proven that livestock fed grain foods lack most of the necessary nutrients that we and our canines need. So, to be on the safe side, and to keep our pet friends away from gluten what do we do? We provide high protein dog foods that are grain-free. Also, we go organic. Purchase our meats and fish from sources that we can trust. You can also go for a river or wild lake fishes.



There are lots of unsafe food out there for our canine friends and ourselves. The way to walk past them is to go for organically grown food sources. They are the best dog food we can provide. Ensure that they come from areas you can trust for safety. Also, you should have our eyes out for the ingredient label. With all these steps, we can promote the health and life of our pets.

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