3 Free Things Everyone Can Do To Live Healthy And Happy Life

When we think about medicine for our pets we often listen to what the vet orders and give our dog prescribed medication. Sometimes mainstream medicines don’t work on our beloved dogs and we need to turn to alternative medicine, or contemporary medicine. Evidence has proven that going these routes works for things like dog cancer, diabetes, and syringomyelia.

There are three key factors involved in maintaining a healthy life philosophy that can work not only for your dog, but also for you!



Nutrition plays a bit part in a dog’s health. Most dog food on the market today is filled with things that are not actually good for your dog. Yes, there are better brands out there that advertise that they offer full-balanced meals in cans, or kibble that is packed with everything that your dog needs. Sadly, this is not the case. Historically, dogs did not eat carrots, blueberries, sweet potatoes, peas, and apples, or other such things that these companies put into their dog food. In fact, the best way for your pooch to eat is by sticking to ketogenic dog food.

A keto diet for dogs is exactly the way Mother Nature intended it to be. Dogs are carnivores by nature, not omnivores, so there is no need to feed them any plant based foods. In fact, they don’t need it and probably have a hard time digesting it. What they need is a diet packed with meat, bones, and organs.

Think back to when dogs were not domesticated and lived in the wild. This is what their diet consisted of, which is the basis of ketogenic diet for dogs. Eating a keto diet means that your dog uses proteins and fats for energy, not carbohydrates. A low carbohydrate diet is the healthiest way for a dog to eat, and is the anti-cancer dog diet.



Just like us, dogs can carry toxins in their body that they need to get rid of. As dog owners, it’s our job to help them with this by making sure that we feed our dogs an organic, keto diet.

In the US, an Organic meat certification means that farm animals were fed certified organic food that contained absolutely no animal byproducts. They also were given no growth hormones or antibiotics. Plus, these farm animals have as much pasture time as possible, as opposed to being confined to a cage or a stall. This means that there are no GMOs in the meat, and it has not been contaminated in any way. This the standard with ketogenic dog food, meaning it is 100 percent safe and healthy for your dog.



Exercise is very important for a dog in order to live a long, healthy life. This does not mean a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood every day, but more like 20 miles a day. This seems impossible to achieve, but with the correct diet it is easy to do.

All non-processed foods have a voltage, which actually provides energy. There are many ways that these voltages can be taken out of food, like by cooking it. The best way to ensure that your dog is getting a great amount of voltage is by feeding them raw, organic meat. This will also bring oxygen to their brain, which means more energy.

The more energy your dog has, the more it will want to go on long walks. Most likely, 20 minutes a day won’t be enough. Your dog will want to walk for miles and miles. This is also great for you as a dog owner, as it means that you can include your dog in your regular exercise regime. You can go to a nearby forest and walk along its paths, follow a hiking trail, walk along the coast or even go to an open park and play soccer together.



A healthy life philosophy for both yourself and your dog will provide longevity, stamina, and overall great health. The ketogenic diet for dogs will definitely achieve this, as it combines nutrition, detoxification in the form of organic meat, and an increase in voltage to promote more exercise.



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