Q&A to Anna Hielm-Björkman

Anna Hielm-Björkman is a leader of the DogRisk research group; a senior researcher, PI (principal investigator) and teacher at the Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine at the Veterinary Faculty by the University of Helsinki in Finland.

You can find out more about Anna and her amazing research on her project website www.dogrisk.com.

Why I chose Anna? She is doing one of the kind world-wide research to investigate dog nutrition. And she is super cool, and funny.

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Q: Where is the essence of human existence?

A: In empathy because this will mean love, kindness, and understanding.

Q: How to live happy and healthy life in one sentence?

A: Be happy and don’t worry. Get a dog.

Q: What would you gift to newly born baby today?

A: An osteopathy treatment, indirect technique, before 2 months of age.

Q: If tomorrow nuclear war starts, what would help you to survive?

A: My closest family and friends…on legs, paws, wings and in pots ;c))

Q: What do you always have in a fridge?

A: Sparkling wine, because there is always something that you can celebrate – a life, a good day, a bad day… anything.



Q: Dogs and humans. How would you describe their relationship?

A: Mutual love, friendship and respect.

Q: What would you gift to newly born puppy today?

A: An osteopathy treatment and a raw food diet. So many diseases that we could avoid in the future.

Q: What one advise you could give to a dog owner?

A: I give this advice to owners every week: give to your dog only the same mix of diets and of the same freshness that you eat yourself. If you “supersize” yourself for a year (only dried hamburgers at each meal for a year, remember; also breakfast and afternoon coffees are hamburgers!) then you are allowed to feed your dogs only dried food for a year – but never for 13 years! If not, give as much raw as you can, meats, innards (=offals), fish and egg, but also also vegetables and berries and fruits, slow-cooked or night soaked porridge of eg. oats, a lot of fats, also fatty grains, nuts or oils, cartilage and bones. And everything that is left from your table. And remember, vary often! Not very, but vary!

That is the only way to avoid deficiencies that we do not even know about yet! And remember not to BARF! If you do not give bones you need to supplement with calcium. The easiest way to feed correctly and anyway vary is to use several complete commercial raw foods. Vary every second or every 4th day or feed the same for a week and then change! You decide. I bow for ya!

Q: Why dogs?

A: Because they are our best friends and because they are sooooooo intelligent, and soooooo loving and lovable!



According to Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, dogs are more than 87% genetically similar to humans. Genetic diversity and sharing of similar DNA, physiology, microscopic structure and molecular features between dogs and humans have presented researchers with a key opportunity. Dogs not only develop similar types of severe health problems as humans, but their illnesses respond to treatments in similar ways.

At KETO DOG BLOG we share information which might help you (or your dog) to live longer and happier.

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